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Our team makes outdoor advertising easy and fun— and more importantly, cost-effective!
Bring mobility and originality to your next campaign with VIP’s Electric Shuttle branding opportunities. Each VIPshuttle.ME has extensive advertising space inside and out, meaning it can offer your brand increased visibility through downtown streets. Lift your advertising campaign to life with frequency, which provokes excitement and generates an unforgettable presentation for all to see! All advertisements are printed and installed in-house by our print production team. Showcase your brand proudly, professionally, and boldly!

For pedestrians and drivers, your extraordinarily designed Shuttle.ME will increase share of mind. If you’re ready to take your brand on the road with an Electric-Shuttle OOH advertising campaign, contact us for rates on standard and custom packages.

VIP Shuttle.ME will develop these effective additional ways that potential customers, and conference attendees, will see your brand message. VIP will also manage crucial task of overseeing the quality and continued professional display of these tactics, never allowing signage to gather dirt, peel, or present your company in an unattractive manner. We’ll stay on top of pristine, creative, and effective exposure. We value you as a partner, and above all, we want to see your success and ROI.

VIP offers the same branding and marketing opportunities with their fleet of over 100 Pedicabs, which include a wide canvas for additional integrative messaging, brand exposure, onsite convention staging, and selected drop off availability.

Creatively, our advertisements are limitless. We work directly with you and your team to create the ad you want, and we bring it to life, provoking excitement and generating an unforgettable presentation.

Take your brand on the road with us. Contact us today to explore rates and packages for your next advertising campaign.

Convention Marketing

We’ve worked alongside internationally recognized brands such as ABC, Fox, Hewlett-Packard, HBO, McDonald’s, Showtime and endless others, helping to maximize exposure and generate interest in the downtown San Diego area with our beautiful and functional Electric Shuttle-based advertising campaigns. Boasting years of experience and dedication, our team can develop a marketing campaign that brings your products and services to the forefront for all to see—just as we’ve done and continue to do for the world’s leading companies.

Your satisfaction is our primary motivation, and our forward-thinking, expert team is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience with the best return on investment imaginable.

We’ll also enhance your convention center experience with field marketing services. Our young and enthusiastic team distributes flyers, coupon, brochures, and more, letting everyone know what you have to offer and sending more prospects your way.

Stand out among your peers. Contact us today to see how we can take your convention center appearance to the next level.

Contact us today to see how we can give your brand the star treatment.

Corporate Transportation

We know every interaction at a networking event is invaluable, and we want to help make sure you don’t miss a single one. In addition to our full range of advertising services, we are happy to offer corporate transportation during your next trip to San Diego. Our Electric Shuttles eliminate the stress usually associated with getting to and from a corporate event; each Electric Shuttle is operated by a friendly, professional and knowledgeable Ambassador. We are willing to work with your schedule, providing transportation services for a whole day, just for evening meetings or dinner plans, or any time in between. To inquire about corporate transportation rates, contact us.

All licensed, bonded, and insured VIP Pedicab Electric Shuttles are registered with the City of San Diego. You can count on professional and informed transportation for your revenue and value—trust in VIP.

Custom Programs

VIP Outdoor Media delivers customized Pdicabs and Electric Shuttles for some of the world’s biggest brands, helping them deliver their message to their target audience in never-before-seen ways. View some of our custom campaigns below, and contact us when you’re ready to see what a custom Pedicab or Electric Shuttle-based campaign for your own business can look like.

Whatever your needs, VIP Outdoor Media can accommodate with our personalized services; as well as Electric Shuttles, we have over 100 custom-branded Pedicabs available to our clients.

All licensed, bonded, and insured VIP Pedicab Electric Shuttles are registered with the City of San Diego. You can count on professional and informed transportation for your revenue and value—trust in VIP.


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