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Ali Horuz

Founder & CEO

Ali Horuz came to the United States in 2003, boasting strong entrepreneurial skills and the focused mindset required to become a successful businessman. After working as a Pedicab driver for two years in San Diego, his skillset and positive attitude led to the development of VIP Outdoor Media, which echoes a business model he envisioned daily as he pedaled around San Diego’s vibrant streets. By 2005, Horuz successfully opened his own business, VIP Outdoor Media, in one of the most sought-after markets in the country—beautiful San Diego.

Horuz started with one Pedicab, and by 2009, had grown his business to become San Diego’s largest Pedicab company and one of the city’s largest Out-of-Home advertising agencies. Today, VIP Outdoor Media serves as a role model for competitive businesses, inspiring global companies also to act—to go mobile. Horuz has encouraged worldwide corporations and start-ups to invest their business plans in the same concept, construct, and mobile effort. His business model extends beyond local advertising, and now marks a reputable, all-encompassing media source for diverse global companies. Horuz’s dream pulled convention attendees and corporate sponsors to flow into popular events, such as Comic-Con International —an event anticipated each year with millions of visitors—one adorning fun, quirky, and colorful action!

With over a decade of marketing and public transportation experience, Horuz’s vision for a fast, responsive, and affordable short ride solution in the downtown area has come to fruition with VIP Shuttle.ME. Horuz’s success has brought a transportation solution to a very busy, growing population and hectic downtown area. Horuz launched his Shuttle.ME business model with low costs in mind, offsetting the cost to riders by local advertisers sponsoring rides, bringing the cost per rider down to $5 His initial investment in six electric eco-friendly shuttles for the San Diego area has already made a big impact in the market. Horuz plans on doubling his electric eco-friendly fleet in 2018, as more local advertisers have already reserved their advertising spots!
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