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Our client wanted to promote their new movie, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, on college campuses in 6 different regions in the Southwest.


We wrapped our pedicabs to advertise for the new movie, and sent some of our own pedicabs up to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Then we contacted our friends in Texas and Arizona to coordinate the event and help facilitate our client’s request in their respective markets.
The pedicabs cruised around their respective metropolitan areas and college campuses, offering free rides to anyone in need. The drivers were all dressed in boy scout attire, and our client had people dressed as zombies to ride around in the pedicabs as well and generate further excitement.

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San diego, los angeles, santa barbara, tuscon, phoenix, austin


2 day period to cover all 6 markets simultaneously

Campaign Details

Multiple pedicabs simultaneously in 6 different markets, branded drivers offering free rides

Campaign Results

Over 800,000 impressions generated over 5 days.

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