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Stryker is one of the most well-known and respected companies within the medical industry. They wanted to stand out at multiple conventions that they were attending in late September. Fortunately, Stryker had worked with us in the past and were familiar with our services, and decided to brand pedicabs and “pain the city with Stryker!”


We branded 6 pedicabs to be out all 4 days of the AAOHNS Conference. This allowed for Stryker’s message to be seen at all times to a relatively small conference. However, the CNS Conference was larger and so we branded 23 pedicabs for 3 days of the CNS Conference!

In addition to branding, Stryker wanted all the pedicabs to have a canopy and be uniform in design. We were able to order more canopies and install them in less than a week. All the pedicabs looked stunning and in fact came in handy because we experienced a rare rainy day in San Diego during one of the AAOHNS Conference days!


San diego, gaslamp quarter, sd convention center, 2016 aaohns conference, 2016 cns conference


4 days during aaohns conference (9/18/16 – 9/21/16)
3 days during cns conference (9/26/16 – 9/28/16)

Campaign Details

29 (total) fully-branded pedicabs w/canopies, 8 hours per day over 7 (total) days, dedicated location

Campaign Results

Over 1.2 million impressions in 7 days total


Thank you again for all of your help in arranging for the stryker pedicabs. it was a huge hit and we were able to make a brand impact during both meetings.


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